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Why are cold chain solutions needed?

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that over 40% of food in Sub-Saharan Africa perishes before it reaches a consumer (this is often referred to as food loss). This can be as high as 60% for fresh produce in sub-Saharan Africa.

Due to cash constraints and a lack of adequate storage, especially cold storage, wholesalers and retailers are required to sell all fresh fruit and vegetable stocks quickly causing volatility of market prices and product availability.

Nearly 94% of this total food loss is a result of insufficient cold chain solutions (both storage and distribution).

The creation of extensive and reliable cold chain solutions is essential to ensure food security and economic development. Cold chain solutions can play a major role in minimizing food loss as well as improving food hygiene and public health. These businesses are also enablers for developing countries to take part in international trade as both consumers and producers.

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