ARCH Cold Chain Solution East Africa Fund (CCSEAF) Invests in Kazi Food Logistics Ltd. Strengthening Cold Chain Network in Uganda

ARCH Cold Chain Solution East Africa Fund (CCSEAF) is delighted to announce its investment into Kazi Food Logistics, a pivotal advancement in revolutionising the cold supply chain in Uganda. This strategic acquisition marks a significant step in addressing food loss and enhancing food security across East Africa.

This milestone aligns with CCSEAF’s broader vision of establishing a global state-of-the-art cold chain and logistics platform throughout the region. The collaboration underscores the commitment to combatting inefficiencies in food distribution while fortifying infrastructure to support the agricultural, food, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Fredd Kambo, Co-Head of ARCH’s Cold Solutions Strategy, expressed ARCH’s delight in partnering with Kazi Food Logistics, acknowledging their exceptional leadership in Uganda, “We are privileged and excited to partner with operators of the Karmali family’s calibre. We look forward to bolstering Kazi Food’s infrastructure and operations, ensuring the continued delivery of exceptional service to their valued customers. This investment is an important step in our mission to counter food loss and to enhance food security, and we look forward to a future together of great promise.”

Commenting on the investment, Ashif Karmali, CEO of Kazi Food Logistics expressed the company’s strategic vision in response to the recent investment, stating, “Our commitment extends beyond the development of Uganda’s cold chain sector. We are dedicated to providing ancillary services, including the establishment of a modern commercial fruit and vegetable packhouse. Additionally, our initiatives encompass off-grid solar refrigerated mobile storage units and refrigerated transport, designed to optimize last-mile delivery for both local and global markets, while ensuring product quality is intact. This venture is intended to benefit a wide spectrum of stakeholders, ranging from small-scale farmers to large commercial agro-producers. By facilitating access to quality storage, handling and processing to facilities, we aim to boost agro exports and empower stakeholders who might otherwise face challenges in reaching such opportunities.”

The investment signifies a pivotal moment in East Africa’s journey toward a more resilient and efficient food supply chain. CCSEAF looks forward to leveraging this partnership to catalyse advancements in cold storage facilities, ultimately elevating food quality and accessibility across the region.